Self-Introduction 自我介绍

时间:2020-12-24 11:39:07 | 作者:学生作品
Self-Introduction 自我介绍i7i英语作文网-历年英语作文范文-英语作文万能模板-英语作文大全
Hello, everyone. My name is ZhengYan and I am nine years old. I am a student of Grade three. There are five people in my family, my father, my mother, my grandma, little sister and me. My father works as a cook in a restaurant. My mother works as a doctor in the hospital. My grandma is good at dancing. She's a great dancer. And my sister is three years younger than me. She's lovely and cute. What about me? Reading, dancing, singing are my favourites. I work very hard at school and I do well in all subjects. i7i英语作文网-历年英语作文范文-英语作文万能模板-英语作文大全
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