My English study 我的英语学习

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My English studylO1英语作文网-历年英语作文范文-英语作文万能模板-英语作文大全

Time past quickly. My three years of high school life is coming to an end. In retrospect, I have a lot of memories of my English learning.lO1英语作文网-历年英语作文范文-英语作文万能模板-英语作文大全

When I entered middle school, I had a lot of difficulties in English. I can't understand the teacher in class, and I can't master words and phrases. There was a time when I wanted to give it up. Later, with the help of the teachers and classmates, I listened to the teacher carefully in class, insisted on reading English every day and said as much as possible. My English has made great progress step by step.lO1英语作文网-历年英语作文范文-英语作文万能模板-英语作文大全

In short, only by cultivating interest in learning English can we learn English well.lO1英语作文网-历年英语作文范文-英语作文万能模板-英语作文大全






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