T恤衫的历史 The History of T-shirts

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The History of T-shirts60f英语作文网-英语作文范文-万能句子-考试作文-英语作文大全

For many years,T-shirts were simple short-sleeved undershirts for men and boys.T-shirts used to be of one color:white.And since they were worn under shirts,they were generally not seen.60f英语作文网-英语作文范文-万能句子-考试作文-英语作文大全

Today,the T-shirts have become fashionable.They can be seen everywhere and on everyone.Women and little children wear T-shirts as do teenagers,university students,and men from all walks of life.T-shirts are worn on the playground,at the beach in town.They can also be worn for work.Yet T-shirts remain relatively inexpensive and long wearing,as well as easy to care for.Smart but comfortable and con-venient to wear,they have become one of America's newest ideas on fashion.60f英语作文网-英语作文范文-万能句子-考试作文-英语作文大全

Although T-shirts are now available in a wide varity of bright ma-terials and styles,the most popular kind is the traditional cotton T-shirt with a slogan or picture printed on the front.A T-shirt may bear a single word,a popular phrase,picture of popular singers,or an advertisement.As T-shirts are becoming more and more popular,new designs are com-ing up all the time.60f英语作文网-英语作文范文-万能句子-考试作文-英语作文大全






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